Monday, July 25, 2011

List of Linux Audio Software

    Audio software on the Linux platform is becoming very stable and advanced. Here i have try to provide some of the details of the audio application supported in linux.

Audio Players / Music Managers :

Audacious Semi-lightweight audio player with a WinAmp/XMMS-like skinnable GUI.
Amarok KDE audio player offering a wealth of features, yet intuitive to use.
Banshee Music management and playback software for GNOME.
BMPx Compact media player, the successor to the Beep Media Player.
Exaile Music player aiming to be similar to KDE's Amarok, but for GTK+.
JuK Jukebox and music manager for the KDE desktop.
gmusicbrowser Jukebox for large collections of mp3/ogg/flac/mpc files.
Listen Player which helps you to organize your music collection.
Quod Libet Music management program.
Rhythmbox Integrated music management application, originally inspired by Apple's iTunes.
Songbird Provides a uniquely open approach to Internet digital media network services.

DJ Tools :

Mixxx Digital DJ system, for wave, ogg and mp3 files.
terminatorX Realtime audio synthesizer that allows you to "scratch".

Music Clients for the MPD (Music Player Daemon):

Ario GTK2 client.
GMPC Optimised to work on low end machines and over slow networks.
Sonata Lightweight GTK+ music client.

Recording / Editing :

Audacity Digital audio editor.
Ardour Digital audio workstation program.
Jokosher Simple yet powerful multi-track studio.
Sweep Audio editor and live playback tool.
Traverso DAW Multitrack audio recording and editing program.

Composition & Music Notation :

LilyPond Produce musical scores that are engraved with traditional layout rules.
Rosegarden Sophisticated MIDI (and audio) sequencer and notation editor.
MuseScore Graphical WYSIWYG music score typesetter.

Sequencers :

Breakage Intelligent drum machine designed to play complex, live breakbeat performances.
MusE Qt-based MIDI/audio sequencer.
Qtractor Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer written in C++ around the Qt4 toolkit.
LMMS Alternative to popular (but commercial) programs like FL Studio, Cubase and Logic.
Hydrogen Advanced drum machine.
Seq24 Loop based MIDI sequencer.

Synthesizers & Samplers :

Fluidsynth Real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications.
Bristol Emulation package for a number of different 'classic' synthesisers.
LinuxSampler Professional grade software audio sampler.
SooperLooper Live looping sampler.

Tools :

JAMin State-of-the-art realtime mastering processor.
Kid3 Edit ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags in MP3 files in an efficient way.
Sonic Visualiser Inspect and analyse the contents of music audio files.
Sound Juicer Lean CD ripper using GTK+ and GStreamer.
Streamripper Records shoutcast-compatible streams.

Sound Servers / Daemons :

JACK Low-latency audio server daemon.
MPD Allows remote access for playing music and managing playlists.
PulseAudio Networked sound server project

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