Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is Hardware Virtualisation?

    In an computing world Virtualisation is an creation of virtual ( just like an clone ) version related hardware, desktop, server and network.

Goal Of Virtualisation:
  • Centralize administrative tasks.
  • Optimization.
  • Utilization.
  • Improving scalability and work loads.  
Hardware Virtualisation:

                      Creation of virtual machines in hardware virtualisation is act, just like an real computer with an operating system. Resource executed on the virtualisation is away from the underlying hardware resources.

Types of Hardware Virtualisation:
  • Full virtualisation: Almost complete simulation of the actual hardware to allow software, which typically consists of a guest operating system, to run unmodified
  • Partial virtualisation: Some but not all of the target environment is simulated. Some guest programs, therefore, may need modifications to run in this virtual environment.
  • Paravirtualisation: A hardware environment is not simulated; however, the guest programs are executed in their own isolated domains, as if they are running on a separate system. Guest programs need to be specifically modified to run in this environment.                  

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