Wednesday, August 17, 2011

File Backup Commands

   Here the list of commands which are normally used in creation of file backup.

bzip2             A block-sorting file compressor.
cdrecord       Record audio or data Compact Disks from a master.
dd                 Convert and copy a file
fdformat       Low-level formats a floppy disk.
gpg               Encrypt and decrypt data.
gzip               Compress or expand files.
mcopy          Copy MSDOS files to/from UNIX.
mdir              Display an MSDOS directory.
mformat       Add an MSDOS file system to a low-level formatted floppy disk.
mkbootdisk   Creates a stand-alone boot floppy for the running system.
mount           Mount a file system (integrate it with the current file system     
                     by connecting it to a mount point).
rsync             Synchronize directories.
tar                 Tape archiving utility, also used for making archives on disk
                     instead of on tape.
umount         Unmount file systems.

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