Monday, November 12, 2012

Types of Linux FileSystem

Filesystem is an set of files and directories resides in an partition. Linux supports different type of filesystem and details as follow:

   minix     is the filesystem used in the Minix  operating  system,  the
                 first to run under Linux.  It has a number of shortcomings: a
                 64MB  partition  size  limit,  short  filenames,   a   single
                 timestamp,  etc.   It  remains  useful  for  floppies and RAM

     ext       is an elaborate extension of the minix filesystem.   It  has
                 been  completely  superseded  by  the  second  version of the
                 extended filesystem (ext2) and has  been  removed  from  the
                 kernel (in 2.1.21).

    ext2      is  the  high  performance disk filesystem used by Linux for
                 fixed disks as well as removable media.  The second  extended
                 filesystem was designed as an extension of the extended file
                 system (ext).  ext2 offers the best performance (in terms  of
                 speed  and  CPU  usage)  of  the filesystems supported under